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What's Baking?

What's Baking, this month?








  • 1. Dark/milk chocolate - 1 cup
  • 2. Amul cream - 1 and half cup
  • 3. Milk - half cup




In a bowl, pour Amul cream and milk together and heat it till it comes to a boil. (Make sure you keep stirring the cream while it's hitting).

Also chop the chocolate in a different bowl.

Once it's heated, pour the mixture over the chopped chocolate and give it a good stir until chocolate melts completely.

Now you can pour it in an individual cups or glasses then refrigerate it for 2 hours minimum and garnish it with any of the following options:

  • 1. Chocolate shavings
  • 2. Crushed Oreo
  • 3. Roasted almond
  • 4. Roasted hazelnut
  • 5. Rum soaked raisins
  • 6. Chocolate chips
  • 7. Cherries

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